Dueling Protests Erupt in Richardson over Sharia Law and Muslims in the Community

RICHARDSON, Tx. – You couldn’t really tell what was going on with all the yelling.

The scene played out at the corner of Centennial and Abrams in Richardson.

It’s one of several marches against Sharia law that took place across the country Saturday.

“We have to protest or else Sharia law will start creeping into our society,” said Delicia Dawn with ACT for America. “We’re not Islamophobic, because we have a lot of Muslims, especially in the reform movement, that are against Sharia law also.”

BAIR III% members and ACT for America say they want to send a message to Sharia law compliant Muslims.

“I’m in the Navajo tribe, and most people think I should be with the Islam crowd, but I don’t agree with them,” said Timothy Panter. “I would say almost every religion has its downfalls, but Islam in particular is the most dangerous one because in their religion, it rewards people for martyrdom.”

Across the street, there was a different message.

“We chose to be here because of what we know America and Americans stand for,” said Shpendim Nadzaku with the Islamic Association of North Texas. “We love the Constitution. The fear of what is being propagated of Sharia taking over is nonsense.”

So what were those supporting the Muslim community trying to let protesters know?

Here’s at least one answer:

“Well I understand that they’re going against Sharia,” said Austin Stroh. “They’re doing it against a group of Muslims, who is not related to Sharia law. These are our neighbors. If someone came and was harassing your neighbor needlessly, wouldn’t you stand up for them?”

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