Local restaurant open Christmas Day as a tradition to many

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Kurt and Susan Richardson drove all the way from Dallas, Texas to eat at one Wichita restaurant.

For them it’s become a Christmas tradition, and it’s not just the food that keeps them coming back.

“Yeah, we got married here on Black Friday,” Susan Richardson said.

That’s right, 7 years ago these former Kansans tied the knot at the Saigon restaurant.

"This is a tradition for us so we’d be disappointed if they weren’t open for Christmas. We’d come another night while we were here or another day while we were here. Plus we know where Hahn lives,” the Richardsons said.

While most couples are spending the holiday eating at home, the Richardsons come here to see Hahn and his staff.

Elizabeth Hui’s father, Hahn, owns the restaurant.

"We have families from out of town, kids who come in for the holidays and the first place they want to come to eat is here,” Bui said.

Not to mention few places are open on Christmas Day.

"All of our regular customers come in every year because they know that we’re open,” Bui said.

Opened, for more than 30 years, and happy to serve their loyal customers on Christmas Day.

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