Sherin Mathews Died Of Homicidal Violence: Autopsy Report

RICHARDSON, TX — Sherin Mathews, the 3-year-old girl found dead in a Richardson culvert in November, died of homicidal violence, sources close to the investigation told KXAS in Dallas. The official autopsy report has not been released, but more details are expected to be available Wednesday.

The Richardson Police Department has not released a statement regarding her manner of death announcement, but additional charges against Sherin’s parents are possible.

Sherin’s father, Wesley Mathews, is charged with injury to a child. Her mother, Sini, is charged with child endangerment. They both remain in Dallas County Jail at the time of writing.

Mitch Nolte, the attorney for Sherin Mathews’ mother, Sini Mathews, told WFAA Tuesday that the autopsy report does not implicate the mother in the girl’s death.

"There is nothing in the autopsy results that indicate Sini Mathews had anything to do with the death of Sherin Mathews," Mitch Nolte told WFAA in a statement late Tuesday.


Officials told WFAA Sherin’s cause of death could not be determined due to extensive decomposition.

Both the girl’s adoptive parents were scheduled to appeared in court Wednesday for a hearing related to the custody of their biological 4-year-old daughter, but the hearing was rescheduled for Jan. 26. Sources report neither of the Mathewses were in the courtroom. They were expected to forfeit their parental rights, but a civil trial could be scheduled to possibly terminate their rights if they don’t do so voluntarily.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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