Stop and Enjoy a Meal at These Fine Establishments in Richardson Tx

This isn’t the first time we have been to Richardson, Texas, and so you have had a good look at some restaurants there. However, I am digging up three more to show you so that you can have plenty of choices. It could be that one on this short list is the one you want to visit first. Are you stopping by any other cities in Texas? I used to live close to the San Antonio area, and I have been to quite a few Texas cities. Now, let’s get to looking at those Richardson, Texas restaurants.

Spring Creek Barbecue is another top establishment in Richardson, Texas. You will find it on North Central Expy, and it is a place for ribs, potato salad, cobbler and more. Put all three of those on my plate if you ask me, and that completes a great meal at a barbecue restaurant. You might want to try all kinds of things, but just to let you know, those three mentions were part of the menu highlights.

Let’s move on to Kirin Court, and it is on West Polk Street. Would you like to try some turnip cake? Now that sounds unique if I do say so myself. Also on the menu highlights is Peking Duck. This is a great spot for Chinese food, and I’m quite impressed if you ask me. It’s not every time you go to eat Chinese food somewhere that you think about ordering Peking Duck.

We have another Richardson restaurant to look at, and it is Liberty Burger. Stop right there and hold the phone. I want a burger, and doesn’t having one sound like a good plan to you? It does to me, and I like the fact that there are multiple locations. You have three great picks, and as much as I like barbecue and the idea of a unique Chinese restaurant, my vote is for the burger place.